Our School

Hello new students! You might think that the Shine Art Academy is just like any other art school. But you will soon find out that lessons here are quite different. This is a place full of creative energy, and our imaginative students like to experiment and take risks with activities they haven't done before.

Your Journey

We look forward to having you join us. Your work here could take many forms of art, a painting, illustration, ceramics, sculpture, or graphic design and can be made using traditional methods such as sketch pencils, paintbrushes, crayons, or collage, or could even be made digitally on your tablet/computer.


We like to draw and make things together. As our student, you will be asked to display some of your final art and design work at the annual Shine Art exhibition!

Art as a Form of Expression

We think drawing is very important as it teaches you how to see, to think, and to express. We suggest you keep a sketchbook. It will help you to show us your ideas, work out solutions to problems and cope with the challenges you might face along the way.


We teach you about the history of art and design and will bring the enormous fun in the art lessons to introduce you to the essential elements and principles as we think while developing a love of art, laying a solid foundation in visual art is also a must. Each lesson encourages you to try out what you have learned during the class. There are no right or wrong but guidance and laughter!

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