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Our Approach

Your Personalised Art Journey

At Shine Art Academy, we're dedicated to unlocking the aesthetic potential in every child. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists, we strive to develop a unique artistic vision and emotional depth in our students.

Creative Mastery Through Personalised Learning

Tailored Curriculum: From simple sketches to advanced compositions, our courses cater to various age groups, nurturing every student's artistic journey.

Focused Projects: Our emphasis on long-term projects instils patience, detail-orientation, and a sense of achievement in artistic endeavours.

Blending Tradition and Innovation

Cultural Fusion: We blend ancient Eastern and Western painting techniques with modern art forms, including digital arts, preparing students for a diverse artistic future.

Comprehensive Artistic Exploration: Our approach goes beyond basic techniques, encompassing everything from slow sketching to the subtleties of colour and form.

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Our Team and Philosophy

Art As A Form Of Expression

Our Passionate Team of Artist-Educators

Skilled Practitioners: Our educators, accomplished artists themselves, bring valuable real-world art experience and insights to every class.

Dedicated to Art Education: Their passion for art and teaching sparks inspiration, driving a transformative and enriching learning experience.

The Essence of Shine Art Academy

Art as Narrative: We view each creation as a story, a blend of technique and personal expression.

Fostering Aesthetic Sensibility: Cultivating aesthetic awareness in our students, we empower them with creativity, insight, and a path to self-discovery.

Join Shine Art Academy for a journey where art isn't just taught—it's experienced and lived.


Meet Our Teachers

Tiffany studied modern oil painting and interior design during her time in Macau. She received a grant from the Cultural Institute of Macau to obtain her Bachelor in Fine Arts at the UNSW Art & Design in Australia, Sydney. She has always been committed to expressing her thoughts and emotions through art. Since 2015, she has held solo exhibitions, contributed to art publications and participated in various art exhibitions and competitions, all while achieving excellent results.


Dawei went from painting at a young age to later graduating from University of New South Wales, Art and Design (UNSWAD). After working for years as the creative director for a famous Australian game company, he quit to concentrate on painting and teaching visual arts. Besides teaching painting to young kids, he also teaches at a local university, as well as seeing much success in his one-on-one tutoring of HSC students.


  • 2019 - Invited and exhibited as The Alternative Archibald and Wynne Prize Selection, Salon des Refusés @ S.H.ERVIN GALLERY
  • 2018 - Mosman Art Prize National Finalist
  • 2017 - China Guardian Spring Auctions Key Artist
  • 2016 - Winner of Urban Platform Art Prize
  • 2016 - People’s Choice Award Winner of Urban Platform Art Prize

Lyra graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, one of the nine major Art Academies in China. Passionate about art education, the students she has taught have been admitted to some of the most prestigious art schools of China and even the world. As an artist, her work has been featured at a number of art colleges, galleries and private collections.


Henry graduated with an Associate of Arts at the Production Art Department in Chippendale. Here, he focused on coursework in anatomy, visual development, concept design, colour and light. He has extensive experience as an art teaching assistant where he has taught student elementary drawing principles and abilities. He has a great passion for sketching and concept art.