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Creative Minds 12- 17 Years Old

Course Description

In the "Creative Minds" class, we understand that a successful art project doesn't simply manifest overnight. It originates from a spark—whether that's an innovative idea, a fleeting moment of inspiration, or a deep-seated emotion. This spark is then nurtured through brainstorming sessions and initial sketches, which evolve into more detailed drafts and designs. We place significant emphasis on research, as understanding the chosen medium, delving into historical influences, or drawing from contemporary sources can greatly shape the trajectory of a project.

Material selection, too, plays a crucial role in the developmental phase. The choice of texture, shade, and method can entirely transform the essence of the artwork. Through stages of feedback and fine-tuning, the initial concept blossoms. It becomes a masterful piece that not only showcases the student's acquired skills but also narrates a poignant story. At "Creative Minds," students come to appreciate that every art piece represents a journey—one marked by discovery, challenges, and immense personal evolution.

Please come prepared with your acrylic paints and brushes, please email us for details.