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Our Academy

You might think that the Shine Art Academy is just like any other art school. But you will soon find out that lessons here are quite different. This is a place full of creative energy, and our imaginative students like to experiment and take risks-doing things they haven't done before.


Our Academy

Hello new students! Come to Shine Art Academy to do something you haven't done before and experiment with new ideas about what you have just learned.  We hope that your time here will help you think differently about and look at the world around you in new and exciting ways.

Our Courses

Children Art Classes
Art Classes for Teens
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Adult Art Classes
Holiday Activities

Hear What Clients Say

"If you believe kids have their own view of art and should learn at a fun and creative environment (not the traditional drawing school that everyone draws and does the exact same work), Shine Art Academy is the right school for your kids! 


如果你想要孩子们有自己的艺术观,并在有趣和创造性的环境中学习(而不是每个人在传统绘画学校去绘画以及做同样的事情),那么Shine Art Academy是一个适合你孩子的学校!"

- Crystal S, Parent

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